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Vincent Labranche

The 20k GCI CODE

Watch this 10 minutes video on how to get out of the Real Estate Rat Race.
Keep More Money With Less Hustle 

I've sold over $575k + of GCI in one year as a SOLO AGENT.

Now, my clients are savings years to achieve FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE
but most importantly they stop worrying about money once and for all.

Come inside and copy my strategies I use and install them into your business.
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Vincent Labranche

Real Estate Agent
​I Sold 100 Homes In 1 Year as a solo agent
​without paying for any leads

Come behind the scenes as i reveal the step by step system to build your Net Worth Faster

​First, the truth...
The results I'm sharing with are not typical.

I have the benefit of over 20 years as a business owner. The systems inside is a product of that experience.

The average person who consumes or buys 'how to' info gets little to no results.

Your own results will depend on your experience and work ethic, and your commitment.

All business is risky and entails risk, action, consistent effort.

If you're looking for 'make easy money without any work or get rich quick' DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO OR JOIN MY COMMUNITY.

Nothing I give you is 'EASY'

With that said.. It's very SIMPLE.. Let me show you.

​What You're Getting...
​I don't use strategies that don't work. The would be self-harm...

I show you the things that I do, myself or with my clients, the occasionally make invites for you to get hold of the strategy and get my help implementing it.

Making more was always my motivation without knowing why.

I was never satisfied.

My Hunger to always wanting more, got me to burnout.

Fear of running out of money was real.

But making more money didn't bring me happiness, in fact the more I made, the less happy I was.

Why ?

Cause I was doing everything myself, I was very successful in my business BUT I was failing at home.

No time to be ''present'' with my girls. 

No holidays, or if any; I would be on my phone making sure my deals were not falling threw.

I gained weight every year until I hit 277 lbs.

My wife wasn't attracted anymore.

It was my energy that repelled her.

I was always on business mode, being the provider, stressed, worrying about my deals that I forgot to be PRESENT with my loved ones.

Then she told me, 'THE MORE TIME YOU ARE AWAY, THE LESS I CARE IF YOU ARE HERE OR IF YOU ARE GONE', that hurt me big times. 

That's when I knew what was truly important in my life. MY FAMILY

From there, I had ONE MISSION. Build Consistent 20k/Month Income without sacrificing what matters most

& also, Get out of the Real Estate Rat Race.

The Real Estate Rat Race, which is also called the Feast & Famine Cycle, this race is hurting every one of us.

Real Estate doesn't offer a SECURE JOB, so...

The Only way to feel secure is to save 6-9 months of emergency fund (or safety net)

... to offset any down market or recession.

Listen. Most people love to complicate the process of selling homes and building wealth.

I know, I've made every single mistakes in the book.

But it's actually ridiculously simple.

Here it is:
Step 1: Spend Less Than You Earn
Step 2: Save & Invest The Rest


Not Easy.

That's what THE 20k GCI CODE and my other Systems do.​

​And I detail every step inside.

Lot's of people skip straight to the bottom​ to find out how much something is and what's the deal...

I'm offering you a FREE video to calculate your ENOUGH number. We all say, it's not enough, well... what's enough ?

I will share you HOW to know your enough and finally get out of the Rat Race.

​I'm also inviting you to join my private community and 'copy' the systems I use to build a Net Worth of over $3M in just 5 years.

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